D4D DSB Transceiver Kit for Digital Mode

Unit Price: as listed. Shipping and Handling: 20 USD. All parts and case are included.

Frequency and Options


D4D stands for DSB transceiver for Digital mode. It is a very simple and low cost crystal controlled 1-watt transceiver designed specially for FT8, FT4, or JS8CALL and etc. VOX is included, so you just need audio cables to work with your computer or Raspberry Pi. Simple and creative heater is included to improve frequency stability.

Dimensions: 103mm(L) x 66mm(W) x 27mm(H), not including protruding parts
Weight: about 165 grams

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eHam product review average rating 5.0/5.0


HT-1A 20/40m Dual Band CW Transceiver Kit

Unit Price: 130 USD. Shipping and Handling: 20 USD. If you wish to get it assembled and aligned, add 20 USD by selecting kit form.

Kit Form

The HT-1A is a dual band CW transceiver semi-kit with all SMD parts pre-mounted. As a little brother of the well known HB-1B, the HT-1A has solid performance, useful features and neat appearance. As a new line of CRKITS.COM, it is in a semi kit form with big modification capabilities and easy alignment. It is a real CW radio with 5 watts output, low noise single signal receiver, RIT and XIT, AGC and S-meter, built-in keyer, full break-in and even side tone selection from 500, 600 or 700 Hz.

eHam product review average rating 5.0/5.0

Review by Tech Examiner

Download the user manual, kit building instructions and schematics in zipped format

Watch this video to build the kit step by step in 2 hours

R3500D ARDF Receiver (Assembled)

Unit Price: 35 USD. Shipping and Handling: 20 USD.


R3500D is the upgraded version of the well known PJ-80 80m direction finding direct conversion receiver kit. 3500~3600 kHz coverage. Color is random.

R3500D English manual including part list, modification instruction to 40-meter band and photo of the PCB assembly

Note that the LO frequency is at half of the working frequency. It is by design, no worries.

Check with us for 2-meter ARDF receiver PJ-2D.

CRK-10A CW Transceiver Kit

Sold Out


A credit card size 40m or 30m CW transceiver kit designed by BD4RG. 3 watts output for 40m band or 2 watts output for 30m band. Same built-in keyer as HB-1A or HB-1B. Multiple frequency options. The assembled kit is shown on the left.

eHam product review average rating 5.0/5.0

manual including part list


Sandwich Digital VFO Complete Kit

Sold Out


This simple yet useful si5351a and Arduino based digital VFO is a great addition to KN-Q7A and other single conversion SSB radio. The innovative one LED frequency display is amazingly easy to count and read the operating frequency. SMD part is pre-mounted. The assembled kit is as shown on the left.

Detailed manual with photos, Arduino Sketch for KN-Q7A 80m, 40m, and 20m band

Detailed manual in Spanish by Jon, EA2SN

2 Choc Perf Boards for RF Experiments Plus 1 Metal Case Combo

Sold Out


The Choc RF Perfboard is designed by BD6CR to facilitate RF experiments and prototyping. The pad pattern will provide great convenience to fit in discrete parts as well as IC and even 7x7 IF transformers, and good RF performance with modular design with grounding and shielding can holes around each unit. It is easy to break into small units. The 3 x 4 unit board fits the metal case of KN-Q7A very well. The video takes BITX-40 and VK3YE Knobless Wonder as examples to show how easy it is to use the Choc Perf Boards. The following article was published on 2018 Sept/Oct issue of Amateur Radio magazine by Wireless Institute of Australia.

Build a SSB transceiver with Choc Perf Board


CS-series SSB Transceiver Kit with Speaker Microphone Combo

Sold Out


The CS-series supercedes the KN-Q7A. It inherits 6-pole crystal filter, MC1350 IF amplifier and rigid metal case. Also, it integrates Sandwich digital VFO to have wider frequency coverage and better frequency stability. A few more enhancements are also added. Speaker microphone is added to the standard configuration. Besides SOTA, consider HF digital like FT8?

Detailed Manual with Photos  Download product photos

Arduino Sketch for CS-17/15, CS-20 (updated), CS-40

[The previous generation KN-Q7A was widely introduced by CQ Amateur Radio magazine in US, CQ Ham Radio magazine in Japan, RadCom magazine in UK, Amateur Radio magazine in Australia, and some other brief introductions in other countries since 2012.

KN-Q7A eHam product review average rating 4.8/5.0

KN-Q7A manual for PCB V2.2, including schematics and partlist for 80/75/40/20m ]


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